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So, i just drew two pokemon.  Let's hope they are good.  Fingers crossed.  Will post them when i get the chance.  

I am going to be alone for a long while after this.  
I will be...just friends
We will be...just friends
and i will be...just friends
Be Juuussttt Frrriiieeends!
Star vs the forces of Evil fans
Have you guys seen this? 
Hey you guys, Autistic Writer here.  I have been busy trying to prepare for school and trying to write Fanfics and Fimfics.  

I'll get my thoughts on Season 2 and Bon Bon later, but i want to discuss the episode "Red Belt" but more specifically, The dream sequence.  

I want you guys to watch this video because it will help you understand what we will be breaking down on this Theory.  Now, not every aspect of the dream is meant to be taken that seriously, but i thought maybe the dream was forshadowing something big in the season 2 finale.  Until we get confirmation about the backhalf of Season 2, we can only speculate for now.  


So, let's break this down to help you guys.  

1.  Marco emerges from a hole with a candle.  Now, there's not much to this.  This is what starts us off with a dream.  BUT, i won't dismiss this having any significant in the future.  

2.  We hear snarling and we see Star acting like an animal chewing on Marco's Karate belt.  She squawks like a bird and runs into a hole in the wall.  Now, at first glance, i didn't think much of this.  I knew something was fishy here but i didn't realize it until the the three episodes in the mid series finale (Naysaya, Episode that escapes me, and Bon Bon).  I then realized why it felt off to me.  First, this could foreshadow Star's corruption. The corruption was a given to me at second or third viewing, but it wasn't until Bon Bon that i learned more.  What if Star's corruption had to do with Jealous?  Why Autistic Writer you mad fool, why do you think that?  
The color green.  To Disney, the color green has been used as evil as far back as Snow White, similarity on Star Vs, we've seen the color green throughout Season 2.  But, what does this have to do with Star's corruption.  

Now, Star is chewing on Marco's GREEN belt.  Not only is she chewing on his green belt, but she does it in if she is jealous....Jealous of Marco...Jealous of him for some reason.  Green is the color of Jealousy after all.  I'll go more when i review the first half of season 2, but that's what makes me think that Bon Bon showed us this aspect of the dream and what may happen in the future.  

3. We next see a Locker and Marco panics when he doesn't know the combination to it.  The locker opens itself to reveal the purple hearts from Mewberty and Marco with his eyes closed wearing a SUIT!


Well, i maybe a Psychology minor, but i will do my best to decipher this.  The locker signifies you are hiding a part of yourself.  The forgetting of combination lock is you are reluctant to reveal this part of yourself.  The something we've seen in another character....Toffee.  Now, could this be Marco's Dark side?  Most people think the suit was foreshadowing Bon Bon when Marco is wearing the suit, but i say that it has to be something else.  

4. Jackie, Marco's friends.  
Jackie: We're moving on with our lives *As they ascend to the red moon (Blood Moon)*
Marco: I haven't made my balloon yet

Now, this one is minor or major depending on how much you believe in it?  Now, this one can be interpreted in a few ways.  1. Jackie and the other have decided what they want to do with their lives and Marco can't.  Because of the Blood Moon, Starco's souls are bound together.  Meaning Star and Marco's future and destinies are tied together.  This might help or hinder them.  2. Jackie is the one who said their moving on with their lives....It's strange how Jackie says this?  Does this mean the Jarco ship will sink?  

5. Marco finds his red belt but then loses it.  

Out of all the others, this one was the most difficult to decode.  However, i think i have it....i hope.  

The red belt was Marco's purpose.  Maybe as a step 1 of moving on with his life, but it floats away from his grasp.  I am not sure what that means, but maybe it was the struggles in the episode that helped get it back.  So, i think the red belt in the dream ties to the episode "Red Belt"

6.  Star calling out Marco's name.  

Now, this one was a recent addition and i didn't think much of it.  Reason being is because sometimes end of a dream, your name is called out.  Not a lot of times, but maybe just enough to get your attention.  But, something caught my eyes upon my 4th viewing of this dream sequence.  Look at Star in the dream.  See the concern on her face?  Why is she concerned?  Maybe there are two reasons to this.  

1. Due to Jackie/Marco, Star might be worried about Marco.  I won't go into more until Bon Bon review/Season 2 review, but i know this has too much context to this.  
2. Seeing Concerned Star is nothing new, but this particular face draws me back into another episode "Monster Arm"  What if Marco does become evil.  Star could have this same reaction.  Worried about him being corrupted.  

So, that is my thoughts and theories about the dream sequence in "Red Belt" But, what do you guys think?  Do you guys have your own theories about this one?  Leave you thoughts, concerns and comments down below.  

Until then, see you later.  


Autistic Writer
United States
Hello, i am the Autistic Writer. I love writing stuff for people and will accept requests if asked. I have Aspergers, yet i am not ashamed of it. In fact, i am proud i have it. If people ask if they want their pictures turned into fan fiction then i will do it. If people wish to view my fanfiction. I will provide a link.

I will respect everyone that is on this site and hope to make great friends as well. I hope you all enjoy my writing and hope it will improve by the time i get out of college. I hope to have fans of my own some day.

I know it says Swarley 180 but my code name is the autistic writer. I love writing stuff and i have the disability Autism; Most specifically Aspergers Syndrome. Unlike some people who dislike what they have and don't think they have a problem. I embrace my autism and i don't think of it as a curse or a disease. I view it as my "Glitch" and happy to have it. I hope this does not change how you feel about my work. I hope to see your comments.

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